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Yoga to alleviate low back pain asana (practical exercise) - conscience

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Has always been good to alleviate the low back pain posture today finally pushed, did not look at a low back pain article recommended to read the first and then look at this article, practice yoga low back pain friends please pay attention to read this article, otherwise you will feel in the clouds.
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First of all, before we plug dry goods, we have to emphasize two points:
First, if you want to relieve low back pain, you must stretch and strengthen muscles first, rather than first is all kinds of psoas muscle strength training, stretching is to create space between the lumbar spine, so that it is located in the right position, this is very key, in many teachers of low back pain rehabilitation training schedule will follow this point.
The second is to introduce the lumbago repair in any yoga practice is just for that kind of slight lumbago, for that kind of low back pain is very severe, such as vertebral slippage, etc., you must go to a hospital for medical treatment, only with the help of medical treatments at the same time you can make the corresponding auxiliary training in order to quicken the pace of the recovery of the postures.
Don't think that yoga can do anything, do you think yoga teacher is god, the doctors do hope yoga teachers also do not cross, one is the optimal treatment for patients with fear of delay time, the second is the general yoga teachers are not solve the problem, when you pick up the personal training once not solve the problem instead of led to a more serious problem it is likely to cause unnecessary disputes.
If you are sedentary at work, overdo yoga backbends, or just have mild back pain, I hope the following postures will help you.
The asana I provide is a share based on some of my own personal experience and some of my past learning experience. Some of it is not necessarily yoga asana, but just a movement. I don't know what it is called, but I will give you a demonstration.
Before muscle strengthening, we first do stretching, mainly for the lumbar spine stretch, because the root of low back pain must be excessive extrusion, if you do all kinds of strengthening in the state of extrusion, the disc is still squeezed in the oppressive space, even if the muscle strength is strong, the lumbar spine is not necessarily comfortable.
There are many kinds of lumbar stretching. If there is nothing to help you do baby stretching and relaxing, just stretch the hand forward as far as possible, and pull the hip back to the heel, so that the lumbar spine can create more space.
If you can't control yourself, have another person use the palms of your hands to press on the sides of the sacrum and pull back, not down. If you can't touch your forehead, place a brick or blanket under your forehead, so long as you don't squeeze your shoulders.
Anyway, you have to remember that the goal here is to stretch the lumbar spine, so you can think about what other poses can achieve this effect?
Is the double Angle pose ok? Yes, can double elbow each other embrace, let upper body hang empty, here is to want to be axial point to prolapse certainly with hip, so this stretch needs certain forward bend practice skill.
It also requires some basic stretching and the downward dog. I have always found that the downward dog is very good for the extension of the spine of the back, but it is not suitable for beginners. Those who have experienced excessive backbending can try these two stretching methods.
There's a little bit of sticking out of the tailbone, don't get me wrong, the spine is still extended, but there's an elastic band sticking out of the back of the sweatpants.
Another good way to stretch is to use the hanging rope of aerial yoga. Press your hip against the hanging rope and put your body upside down on the hanging rope. Use the tension of the hanging rope and your own gravity to get a good stretch. It's just a good idea to warm up before hanging upside down to get the blood circulating and avoid congestion in the head.
There is no hanging rope at home. I searched a picture on the Internet for you. It looks like this.
The method of stretching is only about these several, the other we can search for their own ever practiced posture and what has the effect of this stretching.
Next, introduce the strengthening training posture of the waist muscles.
Muscle training needs to be gradual, different members have different adaptation to asanas, we must first easy after difficult, gradually awaken awareness.
Simple exercise the waist muscle group, first of all, we came to the cat type, specific type of cat put spoke not fine details here, everybody to abdominal breathing, using the force inspiratory muscle insulation sinking to the abdomen to expand around breath to relax, relax lumbar don't collapse, this style can be good exercise transverse abdominal muscle, do a few groups cooperate breath more, More sets of this gentle movement are excellent.
Next step up a bit, toes on the ground, knees off the ground, parallel to the ground, do the same front training, but this time the abdominal muscles are more demanding. Don't cave in. Otherwise, the pressure on your lumbar spine can derail your training.
Lie down on your side with your right hand on the floor and your elbows perpendicular to the floor. Push your body up with your big arms and your ears away from your shoulders. This is the preparation of asana. After you straighten your body, pull in your abdomen and lift your left leg, stay for one second, return to the original position and repeat the leg lifting action to feel the force on your side waist. Do five to ten sets.
Then draw a small circle with the left leg as the center. After drawing ten circles, you will feel that the whole leg is hot. Generally, I will do 30 groups.
Then lift your hips off the floor with your legs together and exhale. Repeat this for five to ten reps. Remember to pull in your core when you do this, not limp, because the goal is to build strength in the surrounding muscles under the space created in front of your lumbar spine to maintain stability and eliminate lower back pain.
Be sure to switch sides to complete the same movement, otherwise muscle imbalance can cause a series of problems.
I don't have enough space to emphasize exactly how to do it, but IF you're interested I can write about asanas in the future. But I want to emphasize two things here, because it's important, because when you do a bridge pose it's very easy to push your thoracic vertebra up and out in order to make it radian, which is not recommended, and you end up lifting your thoracic vertebra off the ground with some space between your chin and your collarbone.
In addition a lot of people in order to to do the pose looks very deep, will force clamp hips, two legs apart is too wide, withdrew to some, is the right thing to leg and cross are the same as wide, thighs inward turning to a certain extent, it will loosen clamping of the hip, and roll coccyx, pull tail bone to hip places, so that we can guarantee the space between the lumbar spine is not affected by extrusion, maintain this state, Inhale up, exhale curl the spine down, this is a good pose if done correctly.
If you are still able to strengthen the pose further, you can lift one leg while holding and hold it in a straight line with your body for a few seconds, training your muscles and testing your core balance.
Then the pose I don't know the name, or say that there is no name, have know lot can also tell me, call this dynamic cat type variation, particular way like dynamic type cat, just added to the movement of the arms and legs, specific practices to see diagram, this asana core strength is not strong, easy to turn a hip or wavering, It is only suitable for you to practice the asana after a certain period of time, which has the dual effect of extending the spine and strengthening the strength.
After that you can move on to baby pose in front to relax, or tree pose to stretch your left and right sides.
Actually spoke so many style, we have found that most yoga can be met, a lot of times you just don't know all kinds of postures training according to the point where, if you don't really have time to study so much, every day in class, then the basic postures can come into contact with the basic, you can always to exercise your body weak, it is also a yoga appeal, Imperceptibly helps you to strengthen the body.
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