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Yoga beginner have to know some yoga starter tips

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Don't go to yoga classes blindly.

Don't go to yoga classes blindly.

Don't go to yoga classes blindly.

Say important things three times!

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I've heard too many misunderstandings about yoga since I learned yoga.

For example, so-soz told me to practice yoga and pulled my knee.

After several major classes, X told me that my wrist hurts, the lumbar vertebrae are uncomfortable, and the neck vertebrae are uncomfortable.

What's more, I heard a little sister say some time ago that one of her sisters practiced backwards 

Why are so many members hurt practicing yoga?

1. Don't know enough about your body and blindly pursue various advanced postures.

2. Warm up is not enough.

3. Scedient exercise

4. Concentrate

Most member injuries are based on the above reasons.

Everyone's physical conditions are different, so the degree of practice is also different. Some members have better physical flexibility and need to build strength; some members have better strength and need to open up their bodies. Different situations correspond to different posture exercises, and each body needs different intensity of practice; many members, seeing others and doing a high-level posture, they will lose immediately. I can do it. why can't I do it? I also want to ask members with this kind of idea. why do you do it? ( Doghead saves life)

All you see is that they do this posture. What you don't see is that they keep practicing every day, ten years of perseverance, from the initial level of practice, constantly building the softness of the body, slowly to the middle and high-level practice;

How can I see a rainbow without going through the storm?

In class, often see a kind of members, before the class has not warmed up, on their own in the classroom on a wheel, to a handstand, hear the praise and encouragement of other members, more energy, brush brush, want to jump to the ceiling; No offense to this group of members, from the perspective of asana, they may do better than some teachers, but the body is most vulnerable to injury when practicing without warm-up;

Benefits of warming up

1. The body in hibernation is slightly stimulated to prepare for exercise;

2, the temperature rises, increase the muscle elasticity, prevent strong exercise muscle injury;

3. Activate joints, remove joint restrictions, increase lubrication fluid, and reduce joint friction during movement;

4, a greater degree of activation of the core, so that the movement is more stable and more effective;

5. The regulation of the respiratory system to adapt to the body's need for oxygen during exercise

Focus is only the most overlooked point, yoga practice, requires a certain awareness of self, feel their own practice. There are many points in the practice, if only rely on the teacher's reminder is far from enough, to always pay attention to the body feeling, this is the safest way to practice; There is also a kind of situation, a lot of people at the time of practice focus on others, such as forward bends, some members can be close to the belly of the side before ham, another part of the member can only do finger hold to, after a class member if you don't focus on the practice of self, but constantly want to compare with the former, the end result would be hurt; In order to be the same as others, the constant pressure on the back, the knee buckle, it seems that you have done the abdomen against the front of the thigh, but in fact, where are injured; Another point, to listen carefully to the teacher's password, the wrong way to enter and exit is also very easy to hurt.

Why don't you blindly go to a yoga class?

In the case of no foundation to go to the big class, the above situation, basically can not run away; The large class has a large number of people and the level of the members is not uniform. The teacher cannot take good care of every member. Most of the trainees are injured in the large class. Therefore, if you want to start yoga, it is recommended to go to a period of private education, the teacher according to your physical condition, targeted practice, one to one can avoid a lot of opportunities to injury; Or consider yoga intro classes, when you know the basics well enough not to get hurt. (Teachers are also very important)

Finally, my yoga teacher

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