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Will long-term practice yoga be younger?

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A yoga teacher. After 11 years of yoga practice and nine years of teaching, the answer is yes, you will be young. From body to appearance, you will look much younger than your peers.

Although yoga is not a panacea, but adhere to yoga practice is better than a variety of medical beauty means, want to freeze the age of friends can really choose to try yoga practice.

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However, the change yoga gives people can not be achieved in the short term. If a person wants to change himself through yoga, he needs long-term, uninterrupted accumulative practice. Only in this way, can he really feel the change from inside to outside, from the outside to the inside. So, if you want to witness the change that yoga brings to you, be prepared to accept its slow, gradual change and be prepared to change at a rate of "years".

Here, I want to use my true state to answer, if I persist in the practice for more than ten years, what will be like.1. Body shape and Posture: 33 years old, 173 height, 55kg weight, weight compared with ten years ago, the body fat percentage is below 19%, the weight range is not more than 3kg, now even wearing my college clothes still fit. As a result of continuous practice (I'm mainly practicing Iyengar yoga now), the standing sequence helps to firm the muscles, the forward bending sequence elongates the muscles, the backbending sequence helps to open the chest and expand the breathing, the twisting sequence helps to massage the internal organs, and the energy repair sequence helps to restore the energy balance of the body. So at present is a good posture, tall and natural, smooth body lines, look tight and healthy state.

2. Inner state: I have always been gentle and Buddhist, and I don't like competition. This is the case before practice, so it is almost inevitable for me to choose yoga. To me, yoga is a balance, but also an introspective process. It is not critical, not radical, not comparing, it is a firm self, and it sees things more in a pluralistic and inclusive way.

3. Others: Clear eyes, unworldly temperament, stable aura, can maintain a state of joy and gratitude, easy to accept other types of exercise, willing to try new things, and thus harvest a lot of goodwill and beauty, because yoga has gained a lot of friends, like-minded, and can bless each other.

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