What's the difference between Pilates and yoga?

What's the difference between Pilates and yoga?

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As Pilates and yoga become more and more popular in society, and people begin to see some similarities between pilates and yoga, it makes people wonder, what's the difference? Here's a look at the difference between Pilates and yoga. First of all, as an ancient Indian philosophical faction, yoga has no specific creator. It is the product of the collective wisdom of ancient India, covering the range from philosophy to religion, from body energy to consciousness energy. Pilates was originally developed by Joseph Huberts Pilates, a German, to help wounded soldiers with rehabilitation training, a unique combination of Eastern and Western fitness concepts. 2. Different forms of yoga are mostly static exercises, including meditation, breathing, asanas and so on. Pilates is mainly a small intensity, repetitive strength exercise, mainly around the core muscle strength, at the same time, pilates some exercises will have special exercise equipment, more attention to muscle mobilization than yoga. In addition, yoga is to breathe through nose to inhale nose to exhale mostly on breathing way, use abdomen type to breathe mostly, chest type to breathe, complete breath law to wait, and Pilate basically uses nose to breathe in on breathing way, mouth to exhale, multi-purpose abdomen type to breathe, breathe between ribs, cylinder type to breathe law to wait. 3, the purpose of practice is different most people practice yoga is not to exercise muscle strength, but to achieve a peaceful realm, so as to achieve the conditioning of physical and mental health, is an overall harmony of the body and mind; Pilates is mainly practiced by the core muscle group, to enhance the body function, relieve pain, improve posture or prevent spinal diseases and other sports medicine significance. Taken together, yoga is more of a philosophy of self body and mind dialogue, while Pilates is more of a science of body and fitness training. You can choose your own way to exercise according to your own situation, I hope you can become a better self in the exercise.