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What should yoga coaches pay attention to in winter?

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Winter is the time when human immunity is weakest. All kinds of flu viruses are looking for a chance to get up close and personal with you. You'll catch a cold if you're not careful. Therefore, in addition to keeping warm, we should also strengthen exercise, but most people choose warm beds after work, or they play games, watch TV and eat and drink at home. This does not improve physical fitness, but make sub-health problems more and more serious. So what should yoga instructors pay attention to in winter? Take a look at the Daily details of yoga taught by the North American Yoga Federation


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Practicing yoga in winter can not only build a strong body, but also cultivate a strong will. Most people are not willing to exercise in winter, the main reason is caused by sui sex, human nature is the more comfortable the better, the more trouble the better, so winter can adhere to yoga, that is tantamount to the most effective exercise of will.

The teacher reminds us that winter is the season with the least human activity. The fat accumulated by long-term exercise is more, and people also appear bloated, poor resistance to disease, and long-term non-sweating. At this time, yoga practice is more important. In fact, yoga should be practiced in winter than in summer. People are prone to depression in winter. Yoga practice can alleviate or even remove this kind of depressed psychology, which is good for physical and mental health. And a lot of practice will improve immunity, not easy to catch a cold.

Professional yoga instructor training tells you the seven tips to practice yoga:

A: mood fluctuations should not practice yoga. Yoga belongs to the body and mind should cooperate with the exercise, if angry, anxious, nervous situation, muscle group tight, it is best not to practice yoga, in order to avoid injury, only in the case of soft muscles to practice yoga, can be more healthy and safe.

Two: after a few classes, feel sore joints and tendons, may not be suitable for yoga. Some people are not born with soft body, and yoga is to train the flexibility of the body and the extension of muscle strength. If every time after practicing yoga, there is joint pain or tendon inflammation, the body may not be soft enough for yoga.

Three: osteoporosis, exercise to be careful. Some yoga movements must use the hands or feet and other limbs to support the weight of the body, if there is osteoporosis, it is likely that because the strength of the core muscle group is not trained, so that the elbow support, accidentally fracture.

Four: high intraocular pressure, high myopia, do not recommend the head and feet of the handstand action. Bend before or stand handstand, can increase intraocular pressure, therefore originally have intraocular pressure exorbitant, high myopia person, do not suggest to practice yoga.

Five: poor physical condition, serious illness, early fracture should not practice yoga. Yoga needs good physical condition, in order to achieve the effect of exercise body function and muscle group, if the physical condition is not good, muscles, joints, ligaments can not play the strength, when practicing yoga, it is easy to get injured.

Six: epilepsy, cerebral cortex damage. Yoga many movements will be stretched to the neck, and if there is epilepsy or cerebral cortex damage, bending back massage neck stretch, may induce seizures.

Seven: there are blood coagulation disease, blood coagulation disease, avoid yoga. Yoga movements need to be positioned and limbs extended and twisted, which may lead to reduced peripheral blood flow and more likely to lead to serious blood coagulation, leading to cardiovascular disease.