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Top five benefits after practice you would better know

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1. Flexible body

My flexibility will be greatly improved, which is the most important and obvious benefit of initial yoga.

In the first class, you may not be able to touch your toes with your hands, let alone lean back. But if you keep sticking, you will find that your ligaments are gradually softening, and finally, you can do it in a seemingly impossible posture. At the same time, you will also notice that the physical pains are slowly disappearing. It's no coincidence. Inappropriate use between muscles and tibia often causes many pains. For example, astock tension can also lead to more tension in the knee and waist and spinal flatness, which can cause back pain. The inflexibility of muscle and ligament tissue can cause people's physical posture to be more difficult to see.

2. Muscle strength

Strong muscles are more than just a good look, they also protect you from arthritis and back pain and keep you younger and stronger. If you become stronger through yoga, you will also become more flexible; If you simply go to the gym and do some weight lifting, you may gain strength but not flexibility.

3. Flexible joints

Every time you practice yoga, you move your joints.

This will prevent your chances of developing arthritis and increase the mobility of your normally inactive cartilage area. The cartilage in the joint is like a sponge, and only when the fluid is squeezed out does it have room to absorb fresh nutrients. Without the right substance, the cartilage area is often neglected, leading to strain, and so does the bone it protects, like a worn brake pad.

4. A healthy spine

Intervertebral discs -- the shock-proof tissue between the vertebrae -- help the body reduce the time it takes for nerves to beat after a blow. It's the only part of the spine that absorbs nutrients. If you have a good foundation in practicing yoga poses, doing backbends, forebends and twists, you will improve the flexibility of the disc.

5. Avoid osteoporosis

There is a lot of literature about weight bearing exercise preventing osteoporosis. Many poses in yoga require you to lift your body up. Some movements, such as up and down dogs, can help strengthen your arm bones.

The arm is the most vulnerable area for osteoporosis. An unpublished UCLA study suggests that long-term yoga practice can increase bone density in the vertebrae. Yoga works wonders by reducing the stress hormone hydrocortisone and helping to preserve calcium in the bones

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