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Practice Yoga has many benefits

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8. The improvement of self-confidence is because I used to be a business person, and it is common for me to be suppressed all the year around at work. Now I become a freelancer because the more I work, the more I feel inferior. And oneself because of fat, take a photo Angle very few, dress style little also especially ugly. Later, through the practice of yoga, I felt that I saw a new world. Now I am in the forefront of taking photos, and my confidence is almost on a level.

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9. The improvement of body awareness can be translated as an improvement of body sensitivity. For example, if I sit, lie down, walk and stand for a long time, I will know where I am uncomfortable and where I need core training.


If you go into yoga, you'll find that people who practice yoga are happier than the average person, because a study by physiologists has shown that yoga triggers endocrine changes in the body that produce endorphins, also known as "happy hormones," "youth hormones." The body and mind will be relaxed and happy


11. Normal menstruation myself because of the high school restudy of pressure, the pressure from university of growth, work pressure and so on lead to what menstruation, there is no on time, either in advance or delay, even there is a shift from the 1st of each month to a was finally back into the first month, also bought a Chinese traditional medicine eat to also doesn't work, also the whole often dysmenorrhea, Often hear this word is full of fear, but since the practice of yoga less than three months, menstruation also gave me recuperation came back, now I am to enjoy the state of hey hey hey ~


By controlling my breathing and focusing on enjoyment, I am now able to control my emotions easily. I am now able to express my emotions in words instead of expressing my opinions with my emotions.


13. Postures increase under the professional manager's help, I in this aspect of the yoga postures compared to the original little restaurant coach teaches a lot more, but also learned a lot of medical knowledge, as I often drink tea to drink soup, now, is in yoga began to cultivate, and every time I get a new style, I will be more focused, feel the muscle power, feel the exhilaration of progress.


Through yoga, I get to know a lot of girls, great coaches, push each other, and sit down and share life together, and I always like to learn from other people's interesting life experiences hahaha. 15. I have more and more things to talk about. Now I have more and more communication value, whether it is in communication with others, or in freelancing, which is a different job