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New to yoga, can't move your pelvis? These 3 moves must be mastered!

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If won't turn pelvis in yoga practice, affect yoga posture not only practice result, may bring about more practice waist more painful at the same time!

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Why is that? As the base of the spine, the pelvis shoulders the role of supporting the spine. In the practice of yoga forward flexion, if the pelvis is not rotated, it will be folded from the lumbar spine, and even lead to lumbar disc herniation in the long term!

So how does a beginner learn to turn his pelvis? Improve body awareness? The following 3 actions must be practiced frequently!

Action 1.

Stand in mountain pose, legs shoulder-width apart
Fold your hands on your chest or on your hips
Inhale and visualize your pelvis as a bowl of flat water
Move your pelvis forward, as if you are pouring water forward
Exhale, tighten your core, curl your tailbone and tilt your pelvis back
Feel the water pouring backwards and repeat 20 to 30 times

Action 2,

Enter the cat-ox pose on your hands and knees
Exhale, draw in the core, roll the tailbone, including the chest arching back up
Inhale, turn pelvis forward, lift chest with head up
Extend the spine segment by segment and repeat 20-30 times
Action 3,

Can you learn yoga with zero foundation
Supine position, knees bent, soles of feet on the floor
Exhale, tighten core, curl tailbone, lower back against pad
Inhale, rotate pelvis forward and lower back away from pad
Repeat 20-30 times
These 3 moves may seem simple, but pelvic flexibility is great, and practicing them every day can help with lower back pain!