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In yoga, how to do spinal extension exercises?

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Lengthening the spine Lengthening the spine Lengthening the spine lengthening the spine lengthening the spine lengthening the spine "Head toward the ceiling, lengthen the spine", each time at this time students will do some body adjustment, adjust their body forward or backward...
So how to do a good spinal extension exercise?
Find the sensation of lengthening the spine
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Let's start with a little exercise: Lie on the floor with your hands outstretched above your head and your feet extended back, as if there are two pulling your hands and feet in front of you at the same time. This is the simplest pose that represents the extension of the spine. If that sounds easy, feel it as you inhale lengthen your body in both directions and exhale to relax. At this point, be aware that the curvature of your spine changes as you do this: your thoracic spine may become flatter, and your lumbar spine may become deeper.
The curvature of the spine should be natural
Now let's do another little exercise: sit in a comfortable position, close your eyes and breathe. Feel your body after a while, and in most cases, you'll find your body slouching. When we slack off, the curvature of the spine becomes more exaggerated than normal. To avoid these negative trends, we need to find a sense of extension from the top of the head and give more support to the weaker positions.
If your chest cone radian is deeper, every time inspiratory feeling chest is lifted up, feeling sternum is a bit straight, but note that the radian of lumbar spine is not affected when doing so.
If the cone arc is shallow, to avoid pulling the shoulder blades too far down, try breathing into your upper back as if you were pulling the cone deeper. At this point you feel that your shoulders are not straight, so then on the exhale feel your head towards the ceiling and straighten your upper back.
If be collapsed, be about to use accept abdomen to control: accept abdomen when expiratory, look for the feeling that rises along spine when inspiratory.
These small details may seem simple to you, but if we can practice correctly and apply them, you will gain a lot. Soon you will find your body is so straight and elegant. And we can practice breathing and meditation for a long time in a comfortable state.