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Feelings after Yoga Class | The doctor's long suggestion

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After the yoga class, I really began to understand yoga. Yoga is a philosophical system and exercise system that helps people reach their full potential by raising awareness. Yoga postures are an ancient and easy-to-master method to improve people's physical, mental, emotional and spiritual abilities. It is a form of exercise to achieve a harmonious unity of body, mind and spirit. And the development of yoga to today, has become the world wide spread of a physical and mental exercise practice. Spread from India to Europe and The United States, Asia Pacific, Africa and so on, because of its psychological decompression and physical health and other obvious role and highly respected. At the same time, a variety of yoga methods have evolved, such as hot yoga, hatha yoga, high temperature yoga, health yoga and so on, as well as some yoga management science. With more and more people practicing and advocating yoga, it is undeniable that the time-honored yoga will be more loved by people from all walks of life.

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Through the short study of yoga in this semester, I think I have gained a lot from it. First as a student of we all day sitting in front of your desk or computer, lack of exercise time, and can give us more in the small place or in a short period of time for a short rest, at least I think so, because we do other sports professional field, a lot of time, although there are also many yoga's request, But I think it's a good way to rest at any time and close your eyes. Maybe it's simple yoga. Remember when I first started choosing this course, someone said, how do men choose physique? In fact, I think yoga is a kind of body and mind exercise, suitable for both men and women. Because the yoga movement is relatively slow, the rhythm is slow, relatively high requirements for flexibility. At the same time, yoga puts more emphasis on breathing and calming the body. Generally speaking, men's flexibility is not as good as women's, so it is not very fast at the beginning, but as the practice progresses, men may benefit more from yoga due to increased physical toughness, their physical strength will become better, and their mind will be more peaceful. Because I like sports at ordinary times, I feel my body is good, but when I am in yoga class, I still feel that some movements and things are not good, or even can not do it, which may be the reason why my body does not fully move. And while flexibility is important in the early stages of yoga, the more difficult yoga moves are, the more strength is required, and many of the moves are almost impossible for women, while men can do them easily. Therefore, yoga is suitable for both men and women, and is a good way to keep in good health.


A semester of yoga class is about to end, after perhaps such learning opportunities will be less, but also hope that they can remember what the teacher said, more or less or helpful to themselves.