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Why don't yoga teachers teach you new asanas?

Why do yoga teachers always teach those asanas

They don't teach new asanas!"

A message said

I always feel that every class, the teacher is teaching repetitive asanas,

Practice for a long time to feel boring!

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So in yoga practice,

Why didn't the teacher teach you new asanas?

//1. One yoga pose can have multiple effects!

Have you found that a same posture, there will be multiple effects!

For example, in the Warrior II exercise:

If you bring awareness to the chest and extend your hands forcefully to the sides, you will find that Warrior II also has the effect of opening the chest
Another example: If you bring awareness to the hip joint, you will strengthen your external rotation
Another example: if you bring awareness to the foot base, you will find that your leg strength increases with regular practice of Warrior 2!

Yoga has a long history of thousands of years, each of its postures are worth our careful consideration, in each practice field it is not the same!

//2. Repeating the same posture is actually training your heart

Everyone loves new things, but we ignore that yoga practice is like life. We go to work, get off work and go home every day. Sometimes we may be bored with this life, but we always find ways to make ourselves excited about the new day!

Repeated practice of the same asana is not only to prepare for advanced difficult asanas, but also to sharpen your anxious mind in the repetition of practice, which is the process of mind cultivation!

//3. Master Iyengar repeats the same pose every day

After all, Master Iyengar rated the yoga triangle as a five-star pose, and the asanas he had to practice every day were downward dog, Cat Ox, Warrior I, and warrior II, proving that no yoga pose is simple!

As our ordinary yoga practitioners, we should keep in mind the simple asana practice and repeat practice!

// Fourth, keep practicing the same asanas to prepare for the advancement

Before you want to learn new asanas and advanced difficult asanas, you must lay a solid foundation! Truth is like building a house, simple style is like playing a good foundation, only a solid foundation, to build high-rise buildings, to advance high difficult style.

If you expect to run without learning to walk, you will fall miserably.

Change the mindset of understanding, practice the basics, you will progress faster, so that you can understand why the teacher does not teach you to practice new asanas.

Just because you've done yoga once doesn't mean you've done yoga
Just because you've done it 10 times doesn't mean you're ready
Just because you've done it 100 times doesn't mean you know yoga
Yoga is a kind of exercise

In fact, yoga practice book is a habit of loneliness and boring itself, but also for their own body and mind a kind of self-training, in the familiar environment, the teacher, repeated practice of the same posture, step by step, slowly progress!

All say: three minutes on the stage, ten years under the stage! This truth is actually connected with our repeated practice of yoga asanas! It is not only to polish your foundation, but also to polish your impatient heart!

I hope everyone can be more patient with repeated practice and with their own progress.