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What's life like as a yoga instructor?

Life as a yoga coach

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1. Often encounter a situation. After telling your career, the other party will be very novel and joking: you can make a word horse. or you can turn your feet on your head to show me... I can only say and laugh on the surface. Most of the oss in my heart still understand yoga too much on the surface! In fact, it can reflect each other's experience and extensive knowledge.

2. Pull a little hatred, keep fit easily, and don't have to deliberately control the diet (I'm a fatten physique). It's a basic skill to lose wherever you want to lose weight. The lines are molded as I want. Of course, there are also places where you want to get fat but can't get fatten. it's very depressed. Or that sentence, yoga can't lose weight. It only has a slow process of increasing muscle and reducing lipids. What can best bring you is a harmonious balance of body and mind.

What's more hateful is that "yoga makes your age stop" is the fact that long-term practitioners can always maintain a mentality and look young, and can ask the real age of the senior mentors, which absolutely makes you incredible.

3. Your body functions well. More than 80% of human diseases are caused by muscle problems, and breathing control, cleansing, meditation and asanas can help you exercise every muscle in your body. The exercise here refers to the improvement of the toughness, endurance and strength of the muscles. Of course, I also have some ungrounded times, that is, when a friend has a physical problem, I will make a physical evaluation instinctively and list a bunch of suggestions. I am in a high state of teaching and can not play happily.

4. This industry is really not as easy and beautiful as you imagine. Every day, I have to read physiological anatomy, Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese medicine, rehabilitation and physical therapy science, and various latest English literature.
Daily self-practice is a process of increasing energy and practice, but teaching is an extremely energy-consuming and mind-consuming process. There should be 1-2 hours of preparation for each class, including asana, anatomy analysis, and prediction of students' problems, to ensure that students learn something new with each class. After class, answer questions and review, but also need to self-adjust the classroom demonstration caused by the left and right muscle energy imbalance.

5. About income. Because of the backwardness and cognitive bias of this industry in China, the investment of energy and economic income is really very disproportionate. In fact, a yoga teacher who cares too much about her income will not be a good teacher, because she can not do a focused and selfless teaching. So good attitude and love is very important.

6. As a cold yoga teacher, my students are in awe and cunning in front of me. Under such circumstances, the students who can make friends with me in private are all girls with great personalities. So, by the way, my circle of friends is of high quality.

7. There is an article that says, to have a girl who insists on yoga, good figure, good yan is not bad state of mind, good temper and fun. She'll be the personal physician in your life the dietitian, the health therapist. Of course, her discipline and progress must be controlled by the men.

8. Finally, my dream is to be a public yoga therapist without borders. Although it is slim, my dream must be lived up to. Well, I really love this job.


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