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What should a yoga instructor know about yoga before training?

Yoga teacher said a word to everyone: there is no genius in yoga learning, only through hard work can we learn results, reap the benefits of yoga. Before choosing a yoga practice, you must understand the benefits of yoga. So what do yoga coaches need to know about yoga before training? Take a look at the daily answers of China Yoga Alliance Shanghai Global Port Campus!

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Here are 8 benefits of yoga:

1, decompression and mind, release the body and mind, the whole body comfortable, calm mind, calm thinking, to achieve the purpose of mind cultivation.

2, increase blood circulation, repair damaged tissues, so that the body tissues get adequate nutrition.

3, students and pressure groups to improve the study and work efficiency of the best rest method, exercise method.

4, let you out of the mind of the limit, so as to better return to the role, and calm to meet all the challenges in life.

5, increase vitality, to the effect of yoga on the brain and glands. When you're doing most yoga classes, you're usually sweating like a pig, and toxins are flushed out of your body through your skin. During the class, you can also practice deep breathing skills. Your heart rate will increase, which will help improve blood circulation. In addition, you can massage and stimulate some organs with detoxification function through twisting and bending postures. Therefore, regular practice of yoga helps to expel toxins from the body.

6, appearance and mood of the young, yoga to reduce facial wrinkles, produce a natural "skin" effect.

7, increase disease resistance, yoga exercise a robust physique, immune ability is also increased. This enhanced resistance can fight off everything from colds to serious illnesses such as cancer.

8, improve vision and hearing, normal vision and hearing is mainly rely on the eyes and ears to get good blood circulation and nerve transmission.

Finding a good yoga instructor training college can save you money and heartache. In fact, the best way is before signing up, go to the yoga college to attend a test class, feel the classroom atmosphere. The advantage of this is that one can know the ability of the instructor indirectly, and the other is to quickly know the advantages and disadvantages of this yoga class through communication with some old students. Yogis are human beings, not geniuses. As long as we continue to practice yoga, willing to take a little bit of pain, eventually there will be progress. At the same time, learning yoga to put an end to instant success and instant benefit, that can only damage the health at the cost. Yoga is a gradual process, and the process cannot be omitted.