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Two years of yoga experience and tips

Industry routines

In recent years, large and small yoga opened a lot of, every time in the street to push is 100 to 2000 "opening activities" "anniversary activities", in fact, each pavilion of the sales model are the same, will pull on other pavilion, boast about their teacher's qualifications have much depth, the course has much cattle, such as......

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In fact, many of the pre-sale activities are contracted by the same sales team....... So the patterns are similar.

It may feel good at first, because the kind of yoga studio that has just opened has not yet got any personal teacher members, and the good teachers do have big classes.

After about half a year, some old members who did not lack money felt a good teacher and began to take personal lessons. When doing activities to attract new students, I will also recommend the package of personal education + annual card. With more people taking personal education, good teachers will be arranged to take personal education. (If you are a teacher, everyone likes personal education.

What about lecture members? Just find some junior (low paid) teachers, after all, yoga studio also want to make more money, do not want to hire a lot of high paid teachers. Of course, you can't just get them if you want them.

Can yoga hurt you?

I've been practicing yoga for two years, and I've had a few injuries. Before going to the hospital, the doctor will ask: the teacher to you to adjust the action is hard break? Is it adjusted on the exhale? Several come to the hospital is to say practice yoga practice injury, you are now how a practice method?

Why do you get hurt? Because the blind pursuit of advanced asanas and inappropriate assistance from teachers can cause harm to the body.

First of all, we should have a cognition of our own body. Do not blindly pursue asanas. The most important thing in yoga is breathing rather than asanas.

I used to envy all the difficult postures that the yoga bloggers posted on the little sweet potato, thinking that one day I would like to practice the high-order cascade. But in the process of practicing handstand, the teacher let me stay hard, resulting in the sprain of the neck, as well as the long-term training support movement caused by the ganglion cyst.

Then I began to reflect on what is the point of practicing advanced asanas? What is the purpose of yoga?

We practice in order to improve our immunity and keep a good figure. How can it become a contest of self-esteem when we practice? We see other members can stand on their heads and do wheelstand, thinking THAT I also want to practice like that.

But this kind of advanced posture does not bring much benefit to the body, on the contrary, a little inappropriate practice can cause injury, excessive back bending can also cause great damage to the neck and spine.

How should yoga be practiced?

1. Be aware of your body. Everyone's practice duration and physical conditions are different.

2. Focus, focus on the breath. Asanas should be deepened when exhaling

3. If you don't need money, find a good teacher for personal education

Yoga is not a competitive sport unless you compare yourself to others

5. Read books on yoga, anatomy and prevention of sports injuries

6. You can buy some protective equipment. The doctor outside the hand said that the ligament of the wrist of girls is relatively loose, and it is not suitable to practice too much supporting action, which is easy to cause problems such as tendon cyst and tenosynovitis

On the whole

Correct practice is beneficial to the body, the premise must be correct practice!!

Articles that exaggerate the damage done by yoga are exaggerating the damage done by practicing advanced asanas. It is estimated that some weight-loss institutions to frighten women and write it, after all, in recent years yoga heat is very high, if the majority of women practice yoga weight loss and shape, they have nothing to do. It is a conflict of interest, not from an objective perspective to analyze.