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Retreat camps always say goodbye, but yoga never stops!

Practicing yoga for more than four years, she is a perceptive player

One yoga student said, I could write about a retreat for a year. Well, I'm flattered. I counted seven or eight, not too many.

To this day, the impact of the retreat still lives in me. I don't have words to describe it at the moment, but it was wonderful and kind of addictive.

At the end of the event, I immediately went to ask if there was a similar event in the fall. Unfortunately, the next retreat won't be until next spring. I don't know if this obsession is for the retreat or for Hangzhou. It's like a mystery, so leave it there.

Fortunately, I have notes, record the order people remember the dribs and drabs, by the way, I benefit a few articles carried out for your reference.

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The expansion of the fire

I didn't write a separate article on this topic, because I've been practicing this cleansing method for almost a year. From the initial at a loss, to the present is still comfortable, at least I think I am doing the right thing.

At the retreat camp, we practice in pairs, and my little friend seems to be seeing it for the first time. She had a problem. She couldn't hold her breath after exhaling, and then push her stomach outward and inward.

I really can't help, do not know how to start, oneself do 666, once teach others to be dumbfounded. At this time, Xue Lun teacher came, like an angel. This kind of situation, it seems that the practitioner should first use the hand to push the stomach inward, find the feeling, and then push the stomach handle to the distance, so repeatedly, can gradually find the feeling.

Tracy: Yoga chanting OM and Shanti!
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I used to chant OM and Shanti before and after class. I refused, but later I did as the Romans do and got used to it. This retreat, when I understand what they mean, I will chant them more carefully and with a sense of devotion. Each chant is not only a formality, but it sends a wish to the universe, a wish of gratitude and prayer, which is very meaningful.

Tracy: Fall's First Yoga Project: Rediscovering Nonviolence
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I am violent even though I don't want to admit it. It shows in my thoughts, words and actions. How about you? Have you ever thought about it? In fact, it has to do with our nature. Once we admit our weaknesses, we can do much more easily. For example, we can become more aware of violence and examine ourselves.

Tracy: Want to control yourself? Practice yoga!
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Controlling your mind is a difficult thing to understand if you don't practice yoga. What we often hear is that I can't control myself, a lot of times I can't control my emotions, and our emotions I think are part of the influence of the mind. If you want to take charge of your life to make yourself healthier and happier, taking control of your mind is a great exercise.

Tracy: Only yogis understand the sense of ritual!
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Yoga can be very ritualistic. We can feel it in regular practice. During the opening ceremony of the retreat camp and the fire offering, I gained a new understanding of the ritual sense of yoga.

Tracy: Once a week yogic nasal cavity cleaning without burden
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It's a safe way to clean the nasal passages. It is said that THE NASAL sinusitis or rhinitis patients are very good, daily practice, symptoms will be a great relief. For people in heavily polluted areas, it can be done twice a week. However, the actual operation is a bit complicated, it is best to have offline teacher guidance practice.

I was excited about my next retreat, not expecting to learn anything new. In such a beautiful city as Hangzhou, as long as I can breathe the fresh air of the tea garden, MY heart will have a feeling of happiness. At that time, I could hear the deep voice of Teacher Mohan leading us to practice asanas and comprehend the philosophy of yoga, which seemed to me more like a spiritual cleansing.

I would like to go with my family and friends in a group, just as a study tour, can not only experience the depth of hangzhou tea garden tour, but also more comprehensive access to yoga. I'll be the driver + tour guide + leader. I've been working with journalists and teachers for more than a decade, and it's great that I can finally use my experience to help my friends and family.

So settled, looking forward to the next retreat camp, we together in Hangzhou to eat, learn yoga!