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Practice yoga DOS and don 'ts

Although yoga is good, there are still some things to pay attention to. 1. I must find a professional coach at the beginning is to find a small restaurant to practice, teach the other party can only a few basic repetitive movements, later understanding, found that the other party is also a training for less than half a year of female teachers. T


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hen I found a bigger out in a restaurant, the average price is one month interval, 1 W ~ 1.5 W, of course, each region can be a bit changes, but all of my progress is derived from the professional coach, action that is a specification, I this a lot of health knowledge and learned from the coach, and professional coach can also help the safer practice, His quality and character are all free. Insist that everything is gained overnight, and if it is, it is lost quickly. In the past two years, I have seen a lot of people who signed up for classes and came once, there are also those who stick to it with me until now, and there are those who practice for two months and see no significant effect. Few of them stick to it with me until now.

If you count by your fingers, THERE are no more than 5 familiar faces around me now, all of them come and go. 3. Take your time. It can't be urgent. After I changed my professional coach, I didn't practice for a month, but when I saw that others could play many asanas, I kept asking the coach to teach me. I still remember the coach said: if you want to go to the hospital before good practice, I can teach you now. Ah still have to listen to the coach's words, slowly lay a solid foundation, learn to control the core strength, and then improve themselves. 4. If you're trying to lose weight with yoga, you're wrong. First of all, it's diet, not exercise. Most of the weight loss if only by exercise, it is difficult, because you consume a lot of calories, and then to eat all kinds of fried food, it is natural to lose, and even gain weight, yoga is the same, yoga is to help you better control your body, improve their state. 5. Summer is the best time to practice yoga relatively speaking, summer yoga practice can be more conducive to sweat detoxification, yoga sweat is only the most effective maintenance products, yoga belongs to active sweating, can stimulate deep muscles, eliminate toxins and sweat in the body, so that their practice more young. Girls, might as well get moving now! After all, yoga is easy to sweat. It is recommended to wear cotton or linen clothes with good sweat absorption and air permeability, but it is not recommended to wear clothes that expose the navel. There is no need to wear shoes when practicing, just keep barefoot. 7. Don't open air conditioning at home to practice this is my bloody lesson, if you are at home to practice on your own, don't don't open air conditioning, because at the time of yoga body pores are open, if open the air conditioning will cause a lot of cold import, easy to cause a cold, muscle or joint pain and other air conditioning disease. 8. Pay attention to the proper supplement of energy. Do not practice under the condition of over-hunger or over-satiety, so as not to affect the effect of practice. In short, yoga is an exercise that can make you more confident and confident. It is also a required course of self-management. Let us love life more together, do wonderful woman ~ above hope to help you oh