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How can we stick to yoga?

How can I keep practicing yoga? This problem is very common in all walks of life, when you have this problem, should also have the same problem in other fields, is why can't stick to it. It's not how hard yoga is, it's whether you have the attitude and determination to persevere. In my opinion yoga is the easiest to stick to why? Because the practice of yoga is comfortable and stable posture, and a comfortable and stable state for you, is the state we all want to aspire to, especially when tired. Therefore, practicing yoga in the right way will make it easier for you to stick with it. On the contrary, a stressful, painful, tangled, stressful physical state, or psychological state, is something that no one wants to accept. As a yoga practice and professor for 18 years, I answer: it depends on your state and psychological feelings when you practice yoga. Therefore, understand the true meaning of yoga and practice yoga with the mentality of yoga, and naturally can easily adhere to the practice


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By separating yoga from your daily routine, you can find reasons to forgive yourself for not doing it. I'm too tired today, tomorrow's schedule is full, yoga clothes are not good, my partner's physical condition is much better than me, the teacher seems not to guide me, yoga does not lose weight...... If sitting straight, standing straight is yoga upright, you are too shy to make excuses? By breaking a big goal into smaller ones, build your awareness first and see progress, it's easier to stick to it. My suggestion is: please private teacher, 2 hours to "mountain style" fully explain, correct. Then in your daily routine, stand in the mountain pose. Every time you stand, stand in line for coffee, speak at a meeting, in the elevator... All start the muscles to the right joint, is to do yoga! Ask yourself, what is it that I have easily adhered to, what is it that requires effort to adhere to, what was it that I wanted to do but didn't adhere to? We eat and sleep every day, it seems easy, but how many of us stick to a routine? All "insist", from standing straight, from the mountain pose.

Moderate Effort - Yoga does require effort, not excessive, but moderate, while making sure you're working in the right direction. If you don't practice yourself, no one can make you practice. So your effort is to get yourself started. But don't overdo it. Take baby steps. You don't need to practice 5 days a week, you can choose 2 days a week to practice, but it should be regular, make sure that these two days should stick to, do not have a friend today to ask me to practice tomorrow, the final result is that this week did not practice. Practice 2 days a week, a moderate amount of effort is necessary ~ then as you get used to the rhythm, slowly build up, starting at 3 days a week, 4 days a week, and finally 6 days a week. If you're practicing on your own, it's recommended that you start with 20-30 minutes. It doesn't take long. It's stress-free and you don't feel like you're practicing too short. If you practice 20 to 30 minutes 2 days a week, you can do it for a year. It's much better than if you practice 60 minutes 2 days a week for a month. If you go to the gym for personal training, the class time is fixed, so please coordinate the training content with your teacher, the intensity does not need to be very high, do not think that the only way to practice is to sweat a lot and get sore muscles; At the end of a class, you should feel warm and light, like when you're hungry and you've eaten a full meal, satisfied and energized enough to go another 800 rounds, rather than just want to go home and lie in bed. Group lessons if you are to go to yoga gym, it can choose strength and are all in the course of the primary difficulty, if you are in the strength of such courses and the difficulty of practice, why don't feel tired or similar to the teacher to exit the position on the idea, you can quit at any time to rest, rest well again following the course to continue until the end of the course. Don't feel like everyone else is not taking a break, and I can't take a break. Do not feel that a break is not their own. Always remember that yoga practice is always about pleasing yourself. When you feel relaxed, comfortable and content, nothing else matters. It takes courage to be yourself in the company of others. Finally, no one can make you practice, his first start practicing is very important to yoga is not for everyone, if you associate with yoga is predestined friends, then you will appreciate the sweet, yoga practice at that time every day of practice is not to need to adhere to, but naturally go to practice, just as the sun will rise in the morning, the sun does not tangle yourself today to not to rise.

In my opinion, there are two conditions to do something consistently. One is that you must like it, and the other is that it can bring you benefits. The two complement each other. I have been learning yoga for 10 years. At the beginning, I just insist on it with enthusiasm because I like it. But later, because the results of this persistence bring me more and more benefits, so that I have more enthusiasm and confidence to learn. Yoga is a comprehensive and complete healthy lifestyle. If we can persist in practicing the important techniques, it can bring us a full range of healthy, happy, fulfilling and meaningful life. It is the most suitable choice for people with fast pace, high pressure and anxiety. I think everyone would choose something to practice if they knew the benefits of orthodox yoga. Yoga postures: Many people think that they have to go to a yoga studio to practice yoga postures, and it costs a lot of money and time, but this is not true. On the one hand, many yoga posture is very easy to use, does not need special field and appliances can practice, even in the midday rest time can do a few positions, to alleviate fatigue, than the mountains, stretch on tiptoe, practice, neck, and upper limbs, shoulder rotation type, crowded scapula, hummingbirds, twin dragon type, eye yoga exercise, etc.; On the other hand, even if it takes special time to practice a complete set of posture courses, because of the extension, extension, bending, bending, twisting and other movements in the posture perfectly harmonizes the internal organs, dredge the meridians and collaterals system, speeds up the operation of qi and blood, so that the body can cultivate good flexibility, strength and endurance, and the improvement of physical fitness. These are all good foundations for you to have a healthy body. Yoga breathing method: as the saying goes, "tonic medicine is better than tonic food, tonic food is better than tonic gas." From a yogic point of view, many physical and mental health problems arise from the wrong way of breathing. For pressure or inertia, a lot of people breathing almost all day are short and shallow, it is easy to this short and shallow breaths inhaling the lack of fresh air, retained in the body of excessive carbon dioxide, oxygen to the brain caused by insufficient, lead to distraction and low immunity, let the mood more easily irritable, body more nervous. Breathing in yoga is deep and long, smooth and even, slow and smooth breathing, which strengthens the lungs, soothes the nerves, calms the mind, not only increases the sensitivity of the body, but also allows you to have a clear and calm mind. Yoga Relaxation technique: When constantly under tension and stress, it is difficult to completely relax the mind and body. Yoga in the relaxation of the art, it is through the conscious relaxation of the rest of the body and spirit, thereby easing the mood, stable mind, restore energy, it is also a good method to help good sleep. Yoga voice Meditation: Yoga voice meditation is regarded by yogis as the essence of all yoga practices. Yoga practitioners have practiced yogic vocal meditation techniques since time immemorial. Yoga voice because of its detached purification power, so as to make people's mind from complicated and trivial, anxious panic, chaos and disorder free, in order to obtain the release of pressure, inner peace. Yoga voice meditation practice is simple and easy, the method is diverse, just relax in the detached yoga voice meditation music can be. Set aside some time each day to practice yoga voice meditation, which you can listen to, sing along to, or play quietly in the background. Even if you can't afford the time, you can practice yoga voice meditation during your commute. It can be said that the practice of yoga voice meditation is an excellent way to relieve the mood of our modern busy and stressed people. When you know some of the important techniques of yoga, do you feel that it is not difficult to keep practicing yoga at all, and that it should be a good thing to keep practicing?