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Can't do asana if you don't practice, will never be able to do?

No. That's the magic of yoga.

We contact a lot of other sports, more are competitive projects: such as running, playing ball; The purpose of participation is clear: to do the required actions of the project. But yoga does not have any specific requirements, it just requires balance, and does not require to do what movements.

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It's kind of like an exam. If you have a strong enough foundation, you can do well even if you haven't done any practice tests. On the contrary, basic skills are not solid, it is no use to do more simulation. The same is true of yoga. Our usual practice should be centered on the basic asanas and practiced in simple ways. When the foundation is consolidated to a certain extent, the relatively difficult asanas will become easy to do, and then you will climb a step.

So, if you can't do it, there's no need to do it.

Want oneself to learn in front of the video, learned a bit, do card to learn with the teacher again.

This should be the aspirations of the majority of beginners. In fact, I also from a beginner who can't do anything, step by step to today, so for everyone afraid of spending money is very understanding of the mood.

As an old Chinese saying goes, "The master leads the way, but the individual cultivates himself."

When we want to do something, the most important thing is to cross the threshold of "knowing nothing", which is the process from "nothing" to "being".

When we know nothing about yoga, that is, when it is the most plastic, it is very important to choose a good teacher to introduce yourself. If you learn well at this time, not only get twice the result with half the effort, it is likely that you can learn from the teacher yourself in the future, not only save effort, but also save money! I know a lot of people who are physically injured because of the wrong practice when they first learn yoga, and they spend a lot of time and money to cure the injury, and even lose yoga

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