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A beginner yoga talk about feelings

When I was a child, I was afraid of pain and did not learn to dance. When I grew up, I had x-shaped legs because of congenital heredity and improper walking posture. After university, more and more people begin to practice yoga, dance beautification body. With an attitude of curiosity and trying, I signed up for a yoga club near my home in the summer vacation of my sophomore year, where I met an excellent yoga teacher, a friendly supervisor and a group of people who loved yoga. Let me start to love this sport, three consecutive holidays to sign up to learn, and hope to keep practicing.

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In my first trial class, I met yoga teacher A, who was around 170, with A thin and tall body and fair skin on her face. At that time, my first reaction was that it would be great if I could develop my skin and body like A through yoga practice. On the first class, the teacher's voice is surprisingly gentle, while saying while teaching, teaching the so-called concept of words and deeds, in yoga class got the embodiment of the most vividly. Start with a meditation class sitting on a yoga mat, and keep giving verbal cues like, "Drop your mind, put all other thoughts aside, and focus your attention on your breathing......." ", then teach the movements through voice prompts, while demonstrating, constantly changing the poses. As a new member, at the beginning, I could not even stand the most simple tree standing. Looking at a group of thirties and forties around me, I could not help but feel ashamed and surprised at the charm of yoga. I guess they must have been practicing for a long time to have their current concentration.The benefits of practicing yoga

(Find out the problem of your body and adjust it slowly through practice)

If not practice, will not feel the body and others have a lot of differences, found in daily life some bad habits. , for instance, I can't do lie hero postures (knees slightly separates knelt on mat, body lie back down), also can't lie flat on the ground and legs will be push up 90 degrees, when I forced myself up and practice the pedal bicycle gesture, can feel lumbar acid, thought of standing in the long run at ordinary times can feel lumbar acid, I once doubted the waist dish outstanding, according to a yoga teacher, It should be the strength of the lower abdomen is not enough, or the muscle of the back side of the thigh is tight. Later in the practice, the teacher prompted me, you habitually caved in hip, so easy to put pressure on the waist. Only then did I know that I didn't pull in my stomach when I walked, which led to a lack of strength in my lower abdomen and too much pressure on my waist for a long time. As a result, my abdomen and waist were not strong enough to complete some postures. Practice yoga will find themselves in life because of some wrong walking posture caused by physical problems, need to timely correct slowly adjustment. Practice time is long, now I can freely do the hero lying posture, in peacetime when walking to remind yourself to pay attention to the stomach, slowly adjust the body.Yoga gym often have new members to sign up, there are a lot of is usually not exercise habits, stiff limbs, there is little flexibility, when I first began to go to watch the old members do yoga practice will doubt yourself not to follow the teacher, but in contrast to the performing the strong dance, yoga movement is much simpler, entry soon, suitable for men, women and children. At the beginning of the practice of some asana body trembling is normal, adhere to a week, every day to practice an hour, the situation will be greatly improved. The yoga studio I'm in is mostly women between the ages of 30 and 50. Some of them have been practicing yoga for a few years and have found the health benefits of yoga until now. Born in India in 1944, the daughter of India's famous master Iyengar suffered from nephritis at the age of 10, and was threatened with death due to the failure of medical treatment. Under the guidance of her father, B.K.S. Iyengar, Gita embarked on the path of life-saving yoga. She practiced yoga for more than eight hours a day, and her body was well healed and restored.

(Weight loss and Fit)

There are a lot of people say that yoga can not lose weight, yoga is not like fitness will sweat a lot, belong to a more moderate exercise, but long-term practice can still play a role in losing weight. After the first summer vacation, when I went to school, my classmates said I had lost weight. Before yoga practice generally do not eat, stay in the yoga studio environment for a long time, every day with a group of thin people to deal with, after practice back will be appropriate control of diet, plus do a lot of stretching every day, the weight will drop for a long time, muscle line will change, in the appearance will appear thinner than before.(Make friends who love yoga and sports)

Part of the National People's Congress are women yoga gym, yoga may have other men, but I haven't seen this yoga class before we sat down to chat, sometimes after a long time to you for a long time also become friends, some practiced for several years and yoga teacher and director were acquainted, all right, be together to chat online in the summer will also go around the class to learn swimming.

I learned it from a great yoga teacher

(Decided to go this way, and unswervingly go on)

In fact, it is not easy to be A yoga teacher. Teacher A has been teaching this yoga studio for 8 years since the first day of its opening. Someone told me that teacher A is very quiet, unlike many young girls who are uncertain about finding A job, but can not find A suitable one. There are only two teachers in this yoga studio, and the substitute classes are rotated. In addition to teacher A, other teachers are constantly changing. I have also attended other teachers' classes and tried other yoga studios, but I feel that they are not as good as teacher A, and the difference is obvious. I think, the teacher must have A beginning, like other teachers, there is no such good basic knowledge of now, no skilled password, eight years time, day after day to practice, even the other yoga during the Chinese New Year holiday for A month, this A vacation for two weeks only, so hard, to become such A good yoga teacher today.

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