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Yoga weight loss is a lie? Restore a real yoga

Yoga as the world's most popular women (not one of) a sport, we often receive users' consultation, about whether yoga can lose weight such as the question, when we answer "no", users are always very surprised: everyone says yoga can lose weight?

Yoga enthusiasts initially began to train yoga, is often attracted by this kind of beautiful photos, yearning for this kind of beautiful body and beautiful scenery perfect combination of harmonious picture.

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However, the old saying that yoga is useless is very popular in the fitness circle. Yoga practitioners often think that iron lifters are stiff and clumsy, while iron lifters often think that yoga is useless. Let's talk about the disadvantages and advantages of practicing yoga first.

1. You can't lose weight

Can't reduce weight is not the drawback of yoga itself, but the vast majority of yoga lovers to yoga wrong expectation, according to different yoga type, the calorie of every hour is consumed in 50~150Kcal, and the calorie that consumes a kilogram adipose is 7716 kcal, because this wants to subtract a kilogram adipose, need all night practice yoga about 3 days 3 nights, The effect of yoga on weight loss was ignored.

There's a famous joke in yoga circles about a fat man who tried yoga to lose weight and ended up a soft fat man.

You might say that some yoga is actually quite intense. Ok, some yoga is more physically demanding than others, but at less than 200 calories per hour, it's not a big deal for weight loss, and hot yoga, which is supposed to be great for weight loss, doesn't work either.

Why do you take part in this sport, is it for fitness, health or entertainment?

If you have false expectations about yoga such as "weight loss", then obviously you will end up disappointed, just as if you went to a proper massage parlor to get a full body massage, but you end up complaining that the professional did not provide you with sexual services, the problem is you, both the professional and the massage parlor is right.

2. Don't lose any weight

Not only yoga, any movement cannot reduce fat locally, can whole body thin together only. Yoga is one of the more "mysterious" exercises, and there are many myths about local weight loss. Yoga instructors often claim that certain asanas can slim your stomach.

3. Poor shape

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But any dissemination of truth is accompanied by the curse of the inherent cognitive community, and the famous Renaissance scientist Bruno was burned alive by the Vatican for insisting that the earth was not the center of the universe.

First of all, LET me say what is "shape", in fact, the so-called shape is to increase muscle + fat reduction. Reduce excess weight and build target muscles, such as the hips for women, to make the hips look sexy.

So if a woman wants a bump, she has to build muscle and lose fat at the same time. Yoga can't reduce fat. Now, yoga can't build muscle either.

If you want to build muscle, you need to do isotonic contraction of muscle to produce displacement, and the "static contraction" of yoga, the stimulating effect of muscle hypertrophy is ignored. This is not to say that yoga is not a good exercise if it doesn't build muscle, but those of you who go to yoga with a mindset of getting in shape are clearly wasting your time.

The highest level of yoga in the world belongs to the Dervishes of India, who invented yoga thousands of years ago. How effective are they in shaping?

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4. Easy to damage the spine

Because of the reason of physiological structure, the spine of the human body is only suitable for bending forward, not suitable for bending to both sides or backward. If forced to bend, it will cause the vertebrae to oversqueeze the disc, resulting in disc herniation, wear, aging, bone proliferation and a series of injuries.

The human intervertebral disc consists of an annulus of fibrous cartilage at the periphery of the disc and a central viscose nucleus pulposus composed of water-rich mucopolysaccharides and collagen fibers. At both ends are the cartilaginous plates of the vertebra, thus forming a flexible connective tissue. Too much pressure on the disc can cause the nucleus pulposus in the fibrocartilage to protrude outward into the spinal canal or foramen, pressing on the spinal cord or nerves -- a disc herniation.

Yoga in a large number of stretching, twisting, bending of the spine, in the case of the request to reach the limit of the body, are harmful to the spine, the gradual injury of the practitioner is not big, a large number of efforts to surpass the predecessors, with the difficult movements of a surprise or blow up the circle of friends is the most injured group of the spine.

There are many postures in yoga that bend the spine backward, and if you force yourself to break the limit, it will do the most harm. All postures that collectively bend the spine backward or exert excessive force on the spine backward are harmful to the spine. Although there are not many asanas of lateral curvature of the spine, they are often practiced by yoga practitioners, such as wind blowing tree type, triangle type and so on, which are almost everyone's asanas that yoga practitioners must practice. Although the human spine can be greatly bent forward, but excessive forward bending and stretching of the spine, will also cause damage to the spine. Asanas that distort the spine, if applied too hard, can cause joint dislocation.

4. It may not be able to purify the mind.

Yoga does have the function of self-cultivation, but not many people think it is so pure. More beautiful women in yoga coaches have led many yoga lovers to pull the forced yoga too high. In fact, no exercise can purify the mind.

We're still good friends if we pretend to be struck by lightning.

Now let's talk about the advantages of practicing yoga

1. Increase flexibility

Flexibility is an important indicator of physical quality, especially for muscular men, who tend to be relatively stiff and clumsy. It is not fitness that leads to clumsiness, but for the pursuit of a better figure. Therefore, yoga can be used as a good auxiliary training to increase flexibility.

Reduce the risk of strength training

As yoga increases flexibility, the additional benefit is a significant reduction in the risk of injury during strength training.

Reduce the risk of strength training

As yoga increases flexibility, the additional benefit is a significant reduction in the risk of injury during strength training.

4. Increase coordination

Some people are born with uncoordinated hands and feet. Yoga is a great way to improve coordination and balance.

5. Improve sleep

Yoga's ability to improve sleep has been scientifically proven, and people who suffer from poor sleep can try practicing yoga to improve their sleep.

6. Improve your mood

Yoga can cultivate the mind, for grumpy people, practice yoga can significantly calm the mood.