Yoga series "Cervical Spine Therapy" - Do this, completely away from cervical pain (1) - FANS SPORTS

Yoga series "Cervical Spine Therapy" - Do this, completely away from cervical pain (1)

Do you get sharp pains in your neck after long hours at a desk?

Whether can you produce dizziness, chest tightness symptom because of sudden turn head?

Do you feel your neck muscles are always tight and you feel dizzy when you turn your head?

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If there are so friends you have to pay attention to, your shoulder and cervical vertebra is probably out of the question, a lot of people back pain when most of the time is not too serious, because once away from the mobile phone computer walking activity this pain will immediately disappear.

Therefore, most people do not think that it is necessary to pay attention to this, and will not take a series of treatment measures for this, and only when they find that the strong pain in the spine can not be eliminated, they will begin to pay attention to the hospital to seek treatment.

In fact when you reach this stage, your spine has been getting worse, it may have been from the beginning evolved into a kind of disease, the symptoms of this time to pay attention to also missed the best time to repair, also means that you have to spend more time and energy to treatment, severe pain may be left permanently, later can only enter the long tone.

Although this is not alarmist, nest is small, can collapse, long beach, thousands of miles, small ants as the initial discovery of cervical vertebra pain feeling, in the long term, the deterioration of its growth, your body will be eroded empty, no matter how strong you look and sound, when accumulated to a certain degree, your body will be collapsed at a certain moment.

The reason why I want to write this article about spine is that I have consulted many friends in daily life. Nine out of ten people have cervical spine pain of varying degrees, but what is strange and common is that most of them will not seek medical treatment, mainly because they think it will not have a great impact on life and save the trouble of seeking medical treatment.

And MY own work is also doing design, naturally overtime has become a normal, go to work at nine o 'clock in the morning until 9:30 at night, sometimes busy when 11 o 'clock off work is normal, so the computer basically become their closest partner.

Remember before also sometimes work busy on weekdays when overloaded cervical vertebra always ache steadily, let your finger press can alleviate, but over time and will automatically restore, so repeated intermittent cervical pain, before the health consciousness is not so strong, don't go to the hospital at all, are quietly endure this kind of sore.

It was not until I got into yoga and practiced yoga for a period of time that I found that the pain mysteriously disappeared. At that time, I did not know the reason. With the gradual deepening of yoga practice, I gradually realized that the disappearance of pain was closely related to the continuous yoga practice.

The reason is probably that every complete yoga practice can basically exercise every joint muscle of the body, and the cervical spine is also very well toned. At that time, it is not known what specifically brought about this improvement.

And even now own computer of the twelve hours a day did not feel any discomfort, spine yoga brings all the gift of gratitude, of course, if you can complete a day of practice yoga, you don't need to see this article, I mainly want to don't have much time to exercise some overtime families of the tribe to provide short and limited physical therapy method of line.

Remember, if you only get occasional back pain, it can go away with the right exercise. If you have never had spinal discomfort, then we can not slack off, exercise in advance cervical vertebra, nip in the bud; If your pain persists, you will have to go to the hospital. The doctor will guide you to do some rehabilitation exercises as well as corresponding medication, which is beyond the scope of yoga can solve, and yoga is more inclined to prevent or eliminate some mild cervical pain.

1, why there is cervical spondylosis?

Since most people experience cervical pain, what causes this discomfort?

First of all, we will simply understand their spinal structure, simple popular science: a total of 26 vertebrae, including 1 to 7 for the cervical spine, cervical activity also determines the probability of strain, but also very easy to bring cervical spine, shoulder and neck pain. According to statistics, people have to nod and twist and other kinds of work tens of thousands of times every day. As an important connection point of the human body, the cervical spine bears the heavy workload, and the consequences of problems can be imagined.

As the saying goes, Rome is not build in a day, and people of the spinal pain is not for some time at his desk working, mostly because of bad living habits lead to long term, long-term to maintain a posture is high-risk factor in today's cervical spondylosis, bowed their heads and work of sleeping posture and pillow put undeserved also have a certain influence on cervical vertebra, in the long run, Cause chronic strain of cervical spine, in addition to cervical spine for a long time without activity, local muscles will be tense, compression of cervical spine peripheral nerves, causing pain.

2, what bad habits can lead to cervical spondylosis?

With the increase of phubs, cervical spondylosis is getting younger and younger. If you don't pay attention to it, it is easy to cause serious diseases. In fact, if we can avoid some wrong habits in our life, it can also effectively relieve cervical spine pain to a certain extent.

Standing posture, sitting, or standing or sitting we have to maintain the correct posture, when sitting do not habitually chest bow back, when standing do not tilt the head forward, according to the requirements of yoga mountain standing can be done, also do not deliberately stand straight back, or to keep the normal physiological bending.

Mountain Stand (image from Internet)

Do not surround the neck, many people cervical spine once there is a sense of pain habitual head, feel that can be relieved, in fact, the friction around the neck will aggravate the pain.

Wrong head wrap practice demonstration

There is no need to massage and squeeze the cervical vertebra. Everything is too much of a good thing. Gentle massage can relieve muscle tension to a certain extent, but excessive massage will cause loss of soft tissue and worsen symptoms.

Prevent cervical vertebra also need to pay attention to is the right choice of pillow, choose peace or too hard pillow, try to choose the pillow shape is complex physiological curvature, generally 10 to 12 cm thickness is more appropriate, specific also should according to their actual situation, good spinal GeYing pillow will not have a feeling, as shown in figure, The normal physiological curvature of cervical vertebra part presents forward convex arc, the pillow that chooses had better also have certain radian, can protect good spine very well.

Natural and physiological curvature of cervical spine

This time is mainly to explain the common cervical spondylosis source and life is easy to be ignored potential harm to the cervical spine bad habits, due to the limited time, about the cervical spine, the original intention is divided into two sections, the next chapter is mainly about "how to correctly use yoga to achieve the effect of cervical physiotherapy?" Interested friends can continue to pay attention to oh, today's share is over ~