Yoga Elbow Stand Step by step 6 steps (Advanced)

Yoga elbow stand, compared with headstand, more need arm, shoulder, back, core strength, need shoulder open and back extension.

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Before practicing the elbow stand, you need to do a simple warm-up. Today we recommend 6 elbow stand steps.

The first step:

King Kong seat, ox face arm

Left hand on top, right hand on bottom

Buckle at the back

Rib cage opened and ribs adducted

Hold for 1 minute, switch sides

The second step:

Keep your knees on the floor and your calves on the instep

Hips up, chest down

Chin on the ground, hands extended forward

Hold for 1 minute

Step 3:

Elbows on the floor, shoulders up

Abdominal adduction, hip up

Heel up, look between hands

Step 4:

Place your palms on the floor with your small arms parallel to each other

Step 5:

Try bringing your heels down, looking down, and looking at the middle of your knees

Step 6:

Into the elbow stand, shoulders up, look between your hands, hold 5 breaths