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Why do you practice yoga can backache?

This is a good extension curve of the spine in a normal person, totaling about 40°, of which 25° is contributed by the thoracic segment and 15° by the lumbar spine.

Visually: The whole back is close to "straight back," right?

Let's take a look at Iyengar's back turn:

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Snake ↑

Camel pose ↑

We can see the back bend of Ai master, the back is more "straight", almost directly "folded" from the upper edge of the hip, because of the lumbosacral joint and hip joint extension ability.

It is reasonable that he has been practicing for more than 8 hours a day for decades, and that his joints are more flexible than normal, but it is clear that he has not deliberately "bent" his spine, but rather deliberately "unbent" it.

Although the anatomy was underdeveloped at the time, ai seemed to know that the spine should not be extended too much -- the spine needed to be stable.

Let's look at another picture

Posterior curvature in a patient with cerebral palsy because the trunk muscles cannot control stability at the lumbar thoracic junction.

Take a look at the postures that many people in our wechat moments show off, as well as the back bends that many yoga wechat accounts teach

There is also a plethora of courses and training on how to make your spine/chest curve more beautiful...

Long-term practice of wrong back bending, will lead to the overall instability of the spine, nervous system tension, disorder, so as to bury more hidden dangers to the body.

I used to be a fan of these classes, and the result was: sternum pain + lumbar pain.

Later, I learned to relax my body, respect my body, only do exercises that conform to the rules of my body, and all kinds of pain were cured without cure.

Growth does require puzzles and obstacles in order to awaken our awareness and enhance our true ability to learn.

Do not live up to the efforts and sweat of past mistakes.

May God bless you! Amen!