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What's the difference between practicing yoga and yoga?

The difference before and after practicing yoga is very obvious, which can be said to have completely changed a person.

Even if it's a yoga class, you may still be very tired when you enter the classroom. When you leave the classroom, you are basically relaxed and feel like you can fly. 

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Long-term practice will start with the shape and lines of the body, constantly change, to physical fitness, to heart and attitude.

From the table and inside, correspond to the three levels of the yoga body, respectively.

1) In good health, the figure is exquisite and elegant, and the color is rosy.

2) Self-confidence is full, temperament is improved, and the air field is stable.

3) Full of energy, happiness.

First, the backache of the waist is no longer, and the figure curve is obviously improved. There is no doubt that speaking with my own facts. When I was a child, I learned to dance. Although I was a little flexible and harmonious, my legs became very rough. As soon as my calf belly tightened, it was a stone block with edges and horns. I no longer looked forward to thin legs. After practicing yoga, I lost 3-5 centimeters from the ankle to the root of my thighs.
Second, improve self-confidence and be cheerful and optimistic. I seldom take photos on my own initiative. I only take a group photo during the party. I can't find a few single photos on my cell phone. After practicing yoga, I began to like to take pictures and punch cards with body photos anytime and anywhere. I hope to record the present beauty, the present self, the present happiness.
Third, the five notes are incomplete and grow into soul singers. Because of the practice of abdominal breathing and respiratory control, the overall body's breath is stable, the bottom breath is full, and the skill of singing is good. Plus going to India to learn traditional singing, there was an hour and a half of satsang singing every morning and night for those months.
Fourth, mild and tolerant, often discover the beauty and happiness of life. I learn tolerance, don't complain, and don't be so prone to negative energy. If someone passes on negative energy to me, I can also transform or shield it, ha ha ha. From another angle, it is often found that the argument with friends contains two sincere hearts, including love and care, so that life is less boring, more laughter, and everything is beautiful~

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