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What's it like having a girlfriend who does yoga?

The first sight

Since it is a yoga girl, so the body generally will not be bad. Even if not as proud as supermodel, but the overall temperament and body lines will be much higher than the average girl. Don't blame boys for being visual creatures. As a woman, if I look at my body, it is also a visual enjoyment and full of pride a ah.

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Two. Calm and gentle personality, not anxious not impatient

The girl who learns yoga is relatively buddhist. Emotionally stable, even if not, at least understand the importance of emotional control. Yoga focuses on inner attention, so more often, yoga girls will focus on themselves and observe themselves. If two people quarrel, yoga girl will choose to release and settle on the mat. Externally, she is considerate and gentle.

Of course, do not love angry does not mean that there is no temper, boys and such a girl together, the respect and love should not be less.

Three. There is no excessive material desire.

The most in the wardrobe of yoga girls is yoga clothes. Hair and buns are the most convenient to practice. They know that no matter how good the cosmetics are, they will get up early than not. No matter how expensive a snack is, it can't compare with regular and balanced three meals a day, and no more expensive drink can match a cup of plain boiled water. No matter how expensive the clothes are, they can't match a healthy and beautiful figure. Don't love the lamp, wine and green, prefer a simple and full life.

Four. Simple and healthy lifestyle

Yoga girls live a simple and complicated life, either in class or on the way to class every day. They know the true meaning of life and love it. Exercise, diet and good living habits are their compulsory courses. The nutritional combination of three meals a day and regular exercise keep them in good health and mentality. This healthy lifestyle can not only keep yourself at its best, but also affect others. Of course, the first beneficiaries are their own families.

So looking for an excellent yoga girlfriend is equivalent to finding a personal trainer + nutritionist, which is not worth money.

Five. Income is not low.

The average income of yoga teachers is actually not lower than that of ordinary white-collar workers. With the deepening of health awareness in people's hearts, yoga has become one of the favorite projects. In a second-tier city, a yoga class is generally about 100-150. For example, a part-time yoga teacher with a pure running class can give an example that if there are an average of two yoga classes a day, the monthly income is about 7k-8k (in this case, there is more than one year of substitute experience).

If you are a full-time excellent teacher, the salary is usually settled by the base salary + commission + class hours + private education. It's not difficult to pay more than 10,000 yuan. And with the accumulation of long-term accumulation, when a yoga teacher has his own fixed fans, he can have his own small career.

So yoga teacher is an industry that grows older and more fragrant. Just depend on whether you want to constantly improve yourself.

Although it can't be compared with the industry that has an annual income of millions, at least in the current era, it is also a sunrise industry.

VI. Enterprising heart

Buddhism does not mean not being aggressive, but yoga girls may enter into different directions from those in other industries. They pay more attention to the improvement of the quality of life and spiritual quality. Be willing to make money, but don't chase money, treat people sincerely, and don't get along with fate. This kind of personality can attract more good reasons. Stay with such a girl like a spring breeze. Be comfortable.

Of course, a good girl can't be distinguished by career. Not all yoga girls are as I said above. No one is perfect. No matter how perfect a person is, he also has his own shortcomings. The most important thing for two people to be together is to be comfortable, inclusive and considerate.

I believe that a kind and warm girl can shine wherever and in any industry.

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