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What is yoga really about? | You may not know

What is yoga?

Let's see what Patanjali says first. Around the 2nd to 4th centuries AD, Patanjali compiled the ancient Indian yoga traditions into a book called the Yoga Sutra.

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The first line of the Yoga Sutra is: "Now, we will explain what yoga is. Yoga is learning to control the transformation of consciousness." (Yoga is learning to stop the waves of consciousness.)

How to control it? And another sentence in the first chapter of the book; "You can control all of this by exercising and not obsessing over things."

"In this way, the perceiver can return to himself as he really is." "Knowing my true self, I have no desires for anything in the world."

"The highest meditation is the perception of truth, discernability, and joy resulting from the union of the self with the universe."

Above these few sentences, basically summarized the most core content of yoga. I have organized these sentences into the following questions to make the logical relationship between them more clear.

What is yoga?

Yoga is a change in learning to control consciousness. Another translation of yoga is to learn to stop the fluctuation of consciousness.

What's the significance of "yoga is learning to control the change of consciousness" in our actual life?

"Control the change of consciousness" means that you can control everything about yourself. You can control your emotions -- don't indulge in sadness when you are upset, but bravely forward; you can control your desires -- you can resolutely stop chopsticks when you eat too much; you can control your mind -- you don't think nonsense every night; you can control yourself. Your own behavior - work hard at work, rest completely; you can control your posture - "standing like a loose, sitting like a bell, walking like the wind, lying like a bow"; you can control your language - talk to family, friends and lovers.

Why does the Yoga Sutra say that "the highest meditation is the perception of truth, discernability and joy resulting from the union of the self with the universe"?

"Yoga" means connection in Sanskrit. What this "connection" connects is the true self and the universe -- the "Brahma as". I understand the "true self" as the spectator of each person's awareness, the "I" or "ego" being the object of awareness. As you practice your awareness to a certain extent, and continue to observe yourself as an outsider, you will gradually find that the observer (the true self) seems to merge with the universe -- the true self can objectively observe not only the ego (the ego), but also everything and everyone around you. Because they and the "I" (" ego ") are the objects of observation of the "true self", there is no difference - this is the so-called "equal heart". Therefore, the integration of the "true self" and the "universe" in simple words means that the "true self" can objectively observe everything including the "ego", and this objective observation is actually a "God perspective", or "universe" perspective.


What is meditation? Simply put, it is a way to exercise your mind by keeping your body still and focusing your attention in one place. Buddhism and Taoism call it meditation. A common form of meditation today is to observe the breath while sitting still.

Compared with yoga asana, meditation is a static process of awareness, while yoga asana is a dynamic process of awareness.

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