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Upright yoga -- plough pose

Upright yoga -- plough pose

Efficacy: In this posture, the whole nervous system can be exercised, the spine can be relaxed, reproductive, digestion, breathing, circulation system problems have a certain improvement effect; At the same time, it can relieve all kinds of shoulder and back pain and shoulder tension.

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1. Prepare to lie on your back, place your hands palms-down on your sides, feel the weight of your heels, calves, thighs, hips, back and head evenly on the mat, relax your body and breathe evenly.

2. Bring your legs together, inhale, lift them up, and hold until they are perpendicular to the ground. Pay attention to the lower back, hips close to the ground, do not move.

3. Exhale, lower back and abdomen, lift the body up. Try to push your legs behind your head and your chin towards your collarbone or sternum. Legs straight, toes taut. Keep your lower back perpendicular to the ground.

4. Touch the ground with your toes. Keep the recoil on your legs. Keep your palms close to the floor and keep your elbows straight to keep your balance. Hold for 5 to 8 breaths before pulling back.

Simple type

In the process of practice, should be stopped at any stage according to the physical situation, not forced, so as not to spinal injury. Beginners and hypertensive patients can borrow yoga blocks or cushions to assist practice; You can also practice with your head facing the wall, so that your feet can use the Wall Wendy pose.

Waist and abdomen strength is not enough, can use both hands to support, complete the exercise.

The wrong position

When practicing, if the waist and back bend, can not be vertical to the ground, it is easy to cause spinal injury; The inability of the shoulders to stand up can also hinder breathing; Bending your knees when your toes touch the ground can cause your body to wobble back and forth.


Practice this pose. Requires the practitioner to have good waist strength and body control ability. If you feel insufficient strength in your lower back during exercise. You can hold your back with your hands to avoid injury. Legs, back and elbows should always be straight and extended.