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Is "getting hurt" a rite of passage for yoga teachers? Avoid these nine points and learn to protect yourself

It's a common myth in yoga circles that injuries are a rite of passage for a yoga teacher.

Unfortunately, many yoga teachers will take "injury" as a "badge" on the career path. In yoga class or class communication, and students with relish...... As if there are such a few wounds mark, ability to reflect his sweat on the yoga road to forge ahead.

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If you're a yoga practitioner or student, you've probably heard teachers say,

"Once upon a time, my XXX part was also injured because of XXX, and then slowly recovered after XXX..."
If you're a yoga teacher, chances are you've said to your students:

"Being a yoga teacher is not easy, and injuries are inevitable in many cases..."According to incomplete statistics, at present, the injury caused by improper yoga practice in China has been 15%, and a large part of them are yoga teachers themselves.

Many people who are, or will be, yoga teachers begin with the misconception that injuries are an inevitable part of the yoga teacher career. Articles have even started appearing encouraging yoga teachers to face pain... This kind of irresponsible talk is really exasperating and ridiculous.

No matter how long you've been a yoga teacher or are trying to get into the business, remember that you are fully capable of protecting yourself from injury and taking responsibility for your body to best protect your students. This is the best thing you can do for your students.

If you want to be a healthy yoga teacher in the long run, here are 9 things to avoid in your teaching career!1. Lack of professional knowledge and qualifications

I've said that if you rush to become a teacher after 200TT of yoga, you're doing yourself a disservice and the industry a disservice.

Because your knowledge is not fully stored, the things to learn has not been digested. When you go to class, you're not thinking, demonstrating, correcting, and paying attention. At the same time of language expression and posture demonstration, there is no extra energy to take care of their own awareness, the pain will quietly become your hidden danger, and you are more unable to protect your students.Solution:

Give yourself time to digest the content and practice. Observe and learn from different teachers; Simulate classroom practice with friends; Continue to practice the class guidance and incorporate your understanding of yoga into the language and thinking. When you are confident and prepared, start teaching.2. Rely on physical strength

We will often see people with gymnastic qualifications as yoga teachers, preferring to teach strength exercises; Yoga teachers with dance credentials prefer to teach flexible exercises.

The teaching of yoga pays attention to the balance of energy and body muscles in an all-round way. People love to show their advantages, but when your strength is too strong, you will inevitably ignore flexibility. When guiding and practicing flexibility, you will be powerless to pull muscles and other phenomena, and vice versa. Over time, the body muscle imbalance can bring all kinds of pain, will slowly find you.Solution:

In the case of scientific scheduling, it is good to play to your strengths in class, but be sure to double your weaknesses after class. Practice with a teacher who has strengths opposite to yours, and face your weaknesses.Finally, I want to say that the body is the capital of the revolution, yoga teacher is not an easy industry, a large part of the teachers may have experienced the inevitable injury, but you still need to cherish their own body through all kinds of details.

Remember, injuries are never badges on the way to yoga. Learn to protect themselves, in order to maximize the responsibility for students.

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