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How many calories do you burn in an hour of yoga? | People with different constitutions vary greatly

After practicing yoga for so long, do you know how many calories you burn per class? People with different constitutions vary greatly

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Like any fitness exercise, yoga can achieve a satisfactory calorie-burning effect, but how many calories to burn cannot be generalized and depends on many factors.On the other hand, there are no calorie calculators and charts on the market for yoga classes. Because yoga class kind is much, also not identical on intensity and duration, induce its rule badly.But it is not random, today the Asian Association sports to share this article is to share with you a yoga calorie consumption chart. Here's a chart from a Harvard Medical School article that shows how many calories you're burning, based on your weight and how long you're exercising.

After want to know oneself practice yoga, how many calories consumed, can refer to the table below!In addition, careful jia you may also found that there is no weight < 110 jin option? ! Why is that? Because of the jiayou of 110 jins below, yoga consumes how many calories also does not matter, had been very thin!In addition to this, it is important to know that the accuracy of this yoga calorie chart can be affected by several factors, as reminded by THE Asian Association of Sports:

1. Yoga asanas 

The number of calories you burn in a yoga class depends on the asana. When you do exercises like push-ups and squats that require multiple muscle groups to work together, you burn more calories.

2. Intensity of yoga practice

If you give up or slack off in the middle of a yoga pose you need to stick with, you will burn fewer calories than your classmates. If you are already good at this pose, then you can choose to do an enhanced version of this pose next time, which will burn more calories than sticking to the same pose.

3. Individual differences

As people age, their metabolism decreases and they burn fewer calories per unit of time.

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