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From the pit! Why don't I suggest you start your yoga practice with a yoga membership class

For beginners, my advice is to either take a private yoga class or take a yoga teacher training class, and never let a large yoga studio membership class be your first yoga class.

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Why is that?

In a typical yoga club, there is usually only one teacher and at least ten students.

But real yoga is supposed to be a very personal practice. Before the development of modern yoga, all yoga practices were private, and it was impossible for one teacher to teach more than one student.

Everyone has different physical and mental states, so the yoga asanas or other yoga practices that work for him may not work for you.

How come she can do the splits so well and you can't?

You might think, I practice hard, I can do it too.

And I want to encourage you: Yes, you can.

But the reality is harsh. Most likely, you were born with a larger hip limitation than others. No amount of practice can change the bone structure, you can only change the muscles and ligaments to be a little softer.

Not only does the bone structure differ from person to person, but so does the length of the inhalation and exhalation.

In a big yoga class, the teacher's password is for everyone. You have to breathe in when the teacher tells you to breathe, and you have to breathe out when the teacher tells you to breathe. You do what you're told to do. Instead of following your own breath, follow your teacher's command.

The teacher doesn't know what effect the passwords he's saying will have on your body. He will not know whether you can withstand the difficulty or intensity of the asanas, whether you are breathing at this moment, whether you are feeling stable and comfortable.

As a beginner, you may not be able to keep up with your teacher's commands, or you may see someone next to you perform a difficult yoga routineAs a beginner, you may not keep up with the teacher's password, and you may also be anxious and panicked to see people around you do so well with difficult yoga styles. If you force yourself to do a posture beyond your ability, you may also be injured.

We're not doing yoga at all in this state.

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