Don't let your wife practice yoga. yoga is a pit. you can't come in. - FANS SPORTS

Don't let your wife practice yoga. yoga is a pit. you can't come in.

Why can't your wife practice yoga? Here are the following reasons:

First, your wife goes to practice yoga. She will set aside three to four times a week for classes, one hour each time last time, and about half an hour on the way home and forth. In this way, she spends less time doing housework every week, she spends less time watching children, and your workload at home will increase accordingly.

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But when she keeps practicing, your child will also be influenced by her, calm down, practice yoga with her mother, and lay down a sense of health from an early age. Only when you have a body can everything. Under the influence of your mother, your child will win on the starting line from the beginning.

Their common yoga hobby and yoga with strong love make you only have fun or pleasure from the hear

Second, your wife will keep buying yoga clothes, summer, winter, long-sleeved, short-sleeved. In a word, it's just buying. But the photos she casually posted dumped others a few blocks. Her backward photos stunned you and others. Her air yoga makes her more beautiful. Yoga makes her more and more beautiful. It makes her live like a fairy in the world, dusty and beautiful.

Such a woman, you bring out with great face, and you should cherish it so as to live up to the good times.