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Can a yoga instructor be a career to follow for life?

Because really can't stand some "experienced yoga teacher" irresponsible answer, so uninvited.

First of all, I strongly agree with the teacher's answer, which is rational and objective, comprehensive, and of great reference value. It can be said that the main problem has been solved, and I will not repeat it one by one.

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Now, it's time for me to say my opinion. From what I've observed over the years I've been working in the yoga industry, the careers of most yoga teachers are basically:
Graduated from foundation to teach culture - out for class - found but only in a small house or gym class (or could not find any decisive give up going back to work) - found that the low class fees cannot make a living - go on studying senior teaching culture - out keep looking - found in class or not competitive (and quite a number of abandoned) at this time - to find small pavilion to do full-time living - to earn more Teach culture or attend workshops - - income to eke out a living - keep looking class saved up for years to learn iyengar teach culture - lectures or other private personal training together on income white-collar level - full-time do bored lesson began to run a part-time job at the same time continue to learn - run tired work full-time and find a big hall - tired of working for people who give up their open studios - is losing money on path of yoga - to other lines Work comes first

This is definitely not my fantasy, this is the career of most yoga teachers that I've seen, you see? Almost ten years of your life has taken a big detour! Maybe you can say that this is just the current situation, as yoga becomes more and more popular in China and the market is getting better and better, there will be more and more job opportunities for yoga teachers in the future. Now I can tell you is very responsible, from city to city, yoga is not only a line city trend of flat growth, and two, three, four cities also show explosive growth, its speed is greater than the growth in the number of yoga, that is to say, most cities of China yoga markets tend to be in the form of supply immediately, never enough points of cake, What was once a blue ocean is about to become a red sea, and the competition is fierce! Why, you ask, have so many yoga studios opened in the last few years? One of the reasons is that there are so many innocent girls who have been tricked into learning, teaching and training that they simply open their own libraries because they cannot find a class after learning. There are even many women who have never studied or trained or become yoga teachers who want to open libraries. Some think that yoga studios are highly profitable, while some want to pursue a "quiet life". Many of these women are housewives or naive girls who do not understand marketing or even resist sales. The most important thing is that their personal ability is not matched to this market! So, 80% of the yoga studios in the country are losing money and that's not a joke, it's a good number. Haven't you seen that in the last two years, a lot of big brand yoga studios are also laying out crazy stores? The bustling areas of first-tier cities have basically become the battleground for the big pavilions, and the small pavilions without strength will gradually be marginalized and eliminated because they cannot seize the top market. For the second, third and fourth tier cities, the big pavilions are more likely to monopolize, and the small pavilions will soon have no living space.

Obviously, with the increasingly fierce market competition, the profitability of most yoga studios is getting worse and worse, and the employment rate of yoga teachers in the future is becoming less and less optimistic. Let's just say that after the big school becomes a monopoly to a certain extent, the requirements for hiring a yoga teacher will become higher and higher, and even if you are hired, you won't have to pay too much for your classes, and you won't dare to say anything about being exploited by the boss because you have no better options.

Of course, we don't have to be so pessimistic. After all, there are some yoga teachers who have become famous teachers on their own comprehensive strength and earn millions or even millions of dollars a year. But we need to see some facts, these "some" teachers are less than 1% of the total number of yoga teachers in the country, and they are more than 10 years ago, and have a good business mind, they can have today's achievement, it must have paid unimaginable hardships behind. So, if we want to make a million dollars a year in yoga, we need to see what our chances are of being one percent.

Ok, finally for a teacher said "office workers monthly income is the level of three or four thousand", let me give my opinion. Somebody else topic advocate 985 colleges graduate, enter a foreign enterprise to do a white-collar in which one - tier city casually, monthly income nevertheless ten thousand? Even if return home to become a civil servant, although the salary is not high, but the treatment of other aspects, know a little bit in the heart of insider have already known? This teacher, you are born too long, really do not understand the current market? Or do you give such idealistic advice based on your own experience? Or have you become accustomed to encouraging innocent young girls to choose yoga as a career? Whatever the reason, I hope that you will answer with a sense of responsibility to the questioner, and try to be objective and rational, like Mr. Harnal, and not just use your own experience and knowledge to give advice on such a life-changing choice.

And finally, I'm going to officially answer the 985 graduate question, which is the most important question of all: Do you want to be a yoga teacher for life? When you do not hesitate to put their strong emotion into a single choice, have you considered the cost behind it? Others I do not say so much, you 985 college graduation, I must advise you to consider carefully. Learn that loving something and doing it for a living are two very different things. Yoga is a hobby, but you don't have to be a yoga teacher to love it. I admit that, including I have also seen, most people with high degree of education are also very strong in learning ability, and the progress speed on the road of yoga is relatively fast, which is your advantage. But, I can see most of the yoga teacher, especially women, do not know because too much pursuit, or because their level is not high, their logical thinking ability and data analysis ability, the cognition of business and economic level, and so on are special poor, usually in addition to learn yoga read-only some chicken soup to cater to their own subjective intention, They all depend on value judgments, lack insight into facts, and are utopian idealists who often make emotional choices. Therefore, when you see their suggestions, be sure to listen to the dissenting voices so that you can make the best choice in a more rational way.

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